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This Christmas tell your mates "I own a pub"!

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

Illabo is well known as a vibrant, busy, cohesive and fun community and whatever we do we do it well.

A strong community needs a good and welcoming meeting place, a hub we can all come together in to share ideas, a drink and a meal.

With this in mind and after watching our local hotel go though so many highs and lows over the years, a group of us decided to see if we could stabilise these ebbs and flows by bringing the businesses under community ownership.

The best way for us to do this was to establish the Illabo Cooperative Limited and to sell membership shares.

From 9 October 2023 this became a reality and the Coop is now up and running. We are inviting anyone to help us with raising the money needed to purchase the Hotel, Post Office, General store and rooms, hopefully before this Christmas.

We are selling our foundation membership shares for $5,000 a share and welcome anyone with any interest in Illabo or anyone who would like to simply tell their mates “I own a country pub” this Christmas to jump onto our website and sign up at Buy one share or ten you will go up on our Founding Members honour board in recognition and have voting rights to help us decide our future direction and developments.

The Hotel has been under new management since 1 July and they have really got the place pumping again. The community is loving it! Krissy and John have done an incredible job and have been welcomed by all with open arms.

We can see nothing other than a really bright and energetic future for the Coop, its members, the Hotel and whole Illabo community.

We are a true small country village with all the quirks and sense of spirit that brings with it!

We always have something on attracting people to the area. In the last month alone we have entertained thousands of people with the Illabo Campdraft, the Illabo Long Lunch, the Illabo Show, The Royal Agricultural Society presentations and trophies at the Show Lamb Dinner and then the thrills of the Motorsports Park vintage race car meet. Coverage of all these has been seen in local newspapers and on Channel 7 Riverina News.

All these photos and videos cover just some of the fun and interest people have when they are involved with Illabo and our community. Become a part of it!

Come and join in the fun and become a member.

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1 Comment

Oct 22, 2023

Great start to getting things underway

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