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  • What is the Illabo Co-Operative
    The Illabo Co-Operative has been set up to allow our community to come together and purchase the Illabo Hotel, Post Office, General Store and Accommodation facilities.
  • How do you become a Member of the Illabo Co-Op?
    That is easy, to become a member you just need to Read the information pack Fill out the on line Share Purchase Form Deposit $5,000 for one share in the Illabo Co-Op
  • How much are Illabo Co-Op shares?
    They are $5,000 per share and you can purchase multiple shares.
  • How many shares can I purchase?
    One or more for the price of $5,000 per share.
  • Who can purchase share and become members of the Illabo Co-Op?
    Anyone may become a member of the Illabo Co-Op, the offer is open to all.
  • Who will run the Illabo Co-Op?
    An elected Board of Directors will run the Co-Operative.
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